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Festivals of Palampur

Palampur in Himachal Pradesh is everything you could dream of – a beautiful, peaceful hill station with a scenic beauty like no other. It has often been called the Tea Capital of North India. Not to mention the fact that hundreds of tourists from India and all over the world travel to Palampur every year […]

Beautiful and Peaceful Picnic Spots in and Near Palampur

Himachal Pradesh has often been called the most beautiful place in India, with exquisite towns and cities like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala or Palampur. Palampur is a beautiful town situated in the Kangra Valley, right in the midst of the mesmerizing natural beauty. If you are planning to visit Palampur for your vacations, you must be […]

What makes Palampur Historically and Culturally Significant?

Palampur is known for its mesmerizing scenic beauty, but did you know about the historic significance behind this picturesque place? Apart from its beauty, it is also famous for its numerous monuments and temples. Each temple, each monument and in fact each piece of architecture in Palampur has a story behind it, and this story […]

Important Role of tourist board in promoting Himachal tourism !

Tourism being one of the major sources for generating revenue in Himachal, several steps and measures are taken into use for promoting the same. Overall, Himachal has secured a spot amidst the top ten states for promoting tourism at its best. The board of tourism in Himachal along with local authorities are planning and adopting […]

Engage yourself in various outdoor camping activities and adventure sports.

When you come to spend a quality holiday in places of solitude like Manali, Shimla and Himalayan valley region, there are a lot of recreational activities you can engage yourself in. Some popular camping sport in the region includes hiking. The visitors who are interested in hiking can hire expert professionals for hiking trips. There […]

Get your tonic of relaxation at Palampur and Norwood Green holiday destinations

Amidst different locations to go for a holiday, Palampur is a hill station at Himachal Pradesh, which is nearly untouched by the tourists. Located somewhere around Dharamshala, the majestic hill station is surrounded by scenic beauty and gorgeous tea gardens. While at Palampur, tourists can enjoy the different activities that are being conducted. People interested […]

Relax your mind and body in tranquility of Palampur

Are you a middle-aged man that is just too bogged down from a year’s worth of work? Are you retired and just looking for that one place in the world you want to go for a splendid time? Or are you just an adventurer who wants to see the world and all it has to […]

Self-Catering Cottages- Your Perfect Holiday Companion

The cottages which offer self-catering accommodation have gained a lot of popularity amidst tourist. These cottages help you to relax in a much better manner by offering high end amenities in the middle of natural surroundings and greenery. Self-Catering Cottages are not only private but also secured so that you can take some time away […]

Experience the Amazing, Enchanting and Alluring Valley of Himachal with Norwood Green

For a resplendent experience if vacationing in the lap of nature in Palampur, Norwood Green cottages are the ultimate destination. With plush green surroundings, astonishing interiors and peaceful ambiance; this place is among the best hotels in Himachal Pradesh. Nestled in the expansive tea garden of Palampur, this property is quite comforting in terms of […]

Relax for a while in Quiet Getaways

Everybody wants to lead happy and fulfilling life. An ideal life would be blended up with right mix of family, relationships, work, personal growth and travel. Mostly we prioritize our work, family and simply forget about ourselves, travelling and discovering new places, things and experiences. Everybody needs short breakouts from normal routine and relax for […]