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April 1, 2015 by digiuser 0

Cherish Your Long Weekend in Palampur

After a hectic working week you definitely need to have a chilling and relaxing long weekend to rejuvenate. Short breaks are part and parcel of our busy schedules, so why waste them. Take full advantage and plan a cute family outing to natural yet luxurious place. If you are living in North India then you have a big list of beautiful and amazing hill stations and foot hills. Palampur is one such exotic and calm destination for a perfect weekend break. The place is situated in arms of Himalayan range. The foothill showcases mesmerizing landscapes, cool climatic conditions, calm surroundings and very friendly people. Not only this, the foot hill also supports an extremely luxurious resort for comfortable stay of the visitors.


Norwood Green, an elite luxury resort in Palampur is one of its own kinds. It is a unique blend of modern comfortable living along with restoring the real warmth of the place. They ensure all their guest experiences real feel of the place along with very relaxed stay. The hotel hosts well done lobby and dining hall. The rooms are well maintained with decent interiors and beautiful natural views. Special care is taken to maintain proper hygienic conditions. The rooms have all the appropriate air conditioning services. The washrooms are luxuriously maintained adhering to all hygienic standards along with water geyser facility. The resort also provides hi-tech facilities including a Television in every room and Wifi facilities.

So, just don’t sit back and read plan a weekend and experience luxurious holidays in arms of amazing Palampur.

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