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festivals of palampur
February 3, 2016 by digiuser 0

Festivals of Palampur

Palampur in Himachal Pradesh is everything you could dream of – a beautiful, peaceful hill station with a scenic beauty like no other. It has often been called the Tea Capital of North India. Not to mention the fact that hundreds of tourists from India and all over the world travel to Palampur every year to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the town. It has now emerged as a popular tourist spot, and there are numerous Hotels in Palampur which cater to all kinds of travellers. You can opt for the cheap hotels or the grand, luxurious ones. If you are planning a trip to Palampur, then you must be wondering what would be the best time to travel? Palampur a city rich in culture and heritage has a number of festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. The colourful city of Palampur celebrates each festival with pomp and splendour. You can visit the tourist spot during any one of the following festivals and celebrate it with them!

Holi, The Festival of Colours

Holi, one of the most popular festivals in India is celebrated in a flamboyant manner here in Palampur. Instead of one or two days, Holi is celebrated here for four days. Public celebrations are also carried out in places like Pragati Madan et cetera. The Governor of State is usually called to inaugurate the festival. According to Hindu norms, Holi is celebrated here in the Falgun month and the day has to be a full moon day. The women of Palampur offer “aarti” and puja during the festival of Holi.

Small twigs from trees (the Kamal tree) are collected and coloured red and yellow. Then these are placed in baskets made up of bamboo. This is called Khartoo. Women place jaggery, roasted grams, thread and vermillion powder in the basket and carry it to the most elderly man of this village. He is called Dandochh and the some offer puja to him. After this is over, the actual celebration starts and there is also a bonfire before Holi, a spectacular sight you cannot miss.

Sair, a Local Festival

This festival is unique to the town of Palampur. During this festival, the people offer their puja and aarti to a deity called Sair. According to norms, it is celebrated in the Chaitra month. Palampur, in the ancient times, used to suffer from floods which caused massive destruction of life and property.

 People started praying to this deity, to make sure that they, along with their loved ones, were kept safe and sound. They believed that if they could pacify the deity, Sair, there would be no loss of life and property.

Lohri, a Festival of Joy and Happiness

Makar Srankanti is a big day in any part of India. But just before the arrival of Makar Srankanti, people of Palampur celebrate the amazing festival of Lohri. People organize feasts for themselves and they get together to sing special songs the Lohri festival. The people of Palampur wait eagerly for Lohri all year they get to enjoy and celebrate with friends and loved ones.

So these would be the perfect time to visit Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. During festivals, Palampur acquires a completely different persona – distinct from the peaceful, serene city that it actually is. It is during these festivals that you can truly taste and feel the culture of Palampur.

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