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Important Role of tourist board in promoting Himachal tourism !

Tourism being one of the major sources for generating revenue in Himachal, several steps and measures are taken into use for promoting the same. Overall, Himachal has secured a spot amidst the top ten states for promoting tourism at its best. The board of tourism in Himachal along with local authorities are planning and adopting new measures for development so that it can become the number one tourist destination in India. In addition to this, a board of tourism has also been created by the Government of Himachal so that proper strategies can be developed for promoting tourism in Himachal.

Amidst cities in Himachal, Palampur, Manali and Shimla are playing the major role in developing and promoting tourism. The chairperson of the board that has been created is working effectively along with team members for creating funds to raise the bar of promotional strategies. The tourism board of Himachal is offering himachal pradesh tourism packages that are covering various destinations across Himachal. Himachal along with its counterparts have divided the work of development across the state so that revenue can be generated. In addition to this, information centers on local level are also finalized, as it would help the tourists in a great way. In addition to this, the funding for the tourism packages is also divided accordingly so that all the aspects are covered. Further, the amount sanctioned for tourism development has been broken down into different categories so that promotional activities for development of tourism can be initiated.

The tourism packages offered by the Himachal tourism board help tourists in exploring different parts of Himachal with peace of mind. As these packages cover hotel and sightseeing both, it is comfortable for the tourists as they are spared from the hassle of finding a hotel and book for sightseeing at the same time.

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