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Why Choose Norwood Green

When choosing the perfect accommodation in Palampur, the options one could explore are boundless. However, we are sure nothing is actually going to suit you better than Norwood Green. The luxury cottages manage to amalgamate comfort and class altogether. The beautiful property rests amidst the extensive Tea Gardens while opening up to the scenic beauty that excites even the lazy souls.

Norwood Green Resort

The warm hosting you receive at the cottages makes the overall stay delightful and something to cherish forever. Throughout your stay, the friendly staff at the cottage serves you in the most respectful manner. Everything from food to room services is highly appreciable. All the foodies are going to love this place, thanks to the scrumptious food delicacies being served from time to time.

In case, you are looking for a break from the monotonous routine or want to escape the blazing hot summers, you can always stop by the homely yet exquisitely designed Norwood Green.

Hotel Norwood Green | Palampur

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